Ponchos as presents

Ponchos as Presents is a program started by Seven Angels Last Stop Services that helps homeless and low income families keep dry year around.


Ponchos as Presents Program and Seven Angels Last Stop Services asks you for help by becoming a 12 month donor by donating $20 a month. As a 12 month donor your donations will help provide Ponchos and much more. Also as a 12 month donor you will receive a printed Seven Angels Poncho, Decal and monthly updates. Sign up to be a 12 month donor below!!!

Ponchos as Presents idea came to us through our journey over 9 States and 20 Counties. Everybody was giving out Hats, Jackets and Gloves. As a new non profit we couldn't do much yet we were able to see a need that was being overlooked. Which we could do. We knew we had enough money in donations to buy Ponchos so that we could help people stay dry because it rained every where we went. This way we could add instead of doing the same as others. Ponchos as Presents Program now exist.