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April brought Hope and Fun!

Seven Angels Last Stop Services Enjoys The First Quarter!

As the first quarter ended for 7 Angels, it ended on a high note. Beginning of the year was filled with so much distractions that the first Hope Hunt Program had to be cancelled. Yet 7 Angels kept to their plan and things started to look up. They knew they needed a way to secure the funding for their programs as they were a new Non Profit and had no Experience in applying for grants.

7 Angels co-founder Kristen Wilson set out to change that by contacting Walmarts to ask if they would help them by allowing 7 Angels to stand out in front of theirs stores to share their message. 7 Angels were met with open arms by Community Walmarts. To show their appreciation to those that want to Donate in front of Walmarts. 7 Angels teamed up with a pie company to help launch 7 Angels Program Pies. Each Pie donations goes to funding Seven Angels Last Stop Services Programs throughout the Nation.

7 Angels would like to thank all those who stopped by to meet them and gave a donation. Without your strength to give to 7 Angels they would have a hard time taking the next step. Yet knowing that there is people out there that care allows 7 Angels to take the next step strongly. 7 Angels looks forward to your continuing support as they will be visiting Walmarts outside of the State of Washington. The new quarter has new heights reach. With Gods Blessing they will.

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