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New Year brings Seven Angels to Del Norte County!

Seven Angels ended 2019 looking forward to 2020. Heading south down Highway 101, introducing ourselves to the different counties along the way. We found ourselves stopping for Xmas in Del Norte County. We had plans to leave after the New Years to continue our journey, except that changed after the first day in Crescent City. We realized talking with the Community that they were asking for help to address some concerns with their community issues. That is what Seven Angels Last Stop Services was created to do. Help fix what is hurting in our community.

We decided that Crescent City was the perfect place to build an office and launch our first Emergency Transitional Housing Program. Del Norte has the perfect community to affect change. So many people want to make a difference and are open to new ideas of making change. The community wants to help those that need help and offer programs to better their lives. That is the kind of community that is perfect for Seven Angels to help affect change, by partnering with Del Norte to help do the work.

As we begin to help make that change in Del Norte County we want to say thanks to a few individuals, businesses and clubs that accepted 7 Angels with open arms. Without your support the first steps would not have been made.

Warrior MMA Club

BiCoastal Media

Les Schawb Tire Center

Tsunami Lanes Inc.

C.C. Diner



Bill Steven- Commander

Bob Hatfield- AD Del Norte HS

Samantha Isdell- Veterans Services

Jerry Johnson- VFW

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