Seven Angels Emergency Transitional Housing Program


     Seven Angels Emergency Transitional Housing Program is a program that can make an impact on the transitional housing shortage.  It would provide temporary housing for those seeking permanent housing by combining what people don't want with land developed for it.


     Seven Angels will secure RV Trailers that owners don't want through fundraisers and donations of used RV Trailers. Seven Angels would refurbish all Trailers to living conditions.  Then Seven Angels will place each trailer in existing RV Parks througout the Counties in the U.S..


     Seven Angels believes having a stable address is the foundation of life. Without a home to rest comfortably the world becomes a scary place. Help Seven Angels Last Stop Services provide assistance with comfortable temporary housing to those seeking it.  Lets build a community of help through caring for others. Help us make this program come true.  Click  to support us.