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             One day tragedy touches our lives in one form or another. August 13, 2018 was that day for me. Eight lives were taken that day in Oregon including seven of my family members on the way to see me. That day forever changed me. I died over and over till I realized the meaning to my life. I vowed not to let their accident end their story as a tragedy, yet a motivating spark to effect the change in the world as they made a change in their community. I will continue their goals and dreams. As I lived for them in life, I will live for them in death.











           Seven Angels Last Stop Services was born from the seven areas of need within the community. Shelter, Food, Clothing, Health, Youth, Veterans and Educational Resources are essential to living. We want to build County Resource Centers to make it easier for those that need help. With the help of Kristen Wilson, we developed a plan to address those needs by providing job opportunities, implementing programs of change and assisting other non-profit in reaching the needs of the community. In doing this we hope to provide an environment of change to those that need it the most. We truly believe one person makes a difference, yet more people make an Impact!


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wa. Registered Charity Number : 2001757

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